Name Kost Skill Special Type Damage
Osh-Tekk 10000 Koins Bloodthirsty - All outworld teammates get +5% attack Tonaltzintli Attack High
Saurian 8000 Koins Survival of the fittest - All outworld teammates get +5% health Klaw Slash Attack High
Trooper 8000 Koins Assault Weapons - All spec ops teammates get +5% attack Akimbo Attack High
Sergeant 10000 Koins Physical Training - All spec ops teammates get +5% health Ground Control Attack High
Lin Kuei 8000 Koins Discipline - All martial artist teammates get +5% health Forest Blade Attack High
Shirai Ryu 8000 Koins Deadly Arts - All martial artist teammates get +5% attack Clan Edge Attack High
Monk 10000 Koins Sacrifice - Upon death, each of his teammates receives one par of power Firsts of Flurry Grapple High
Oni 12000 Koins Demonic curse - When defeated, the opponent loses 1 bar of power Bounded Attack High