Picture Name Kost Skill Special Type Damage
Shaolin Kung Jin 225 souls Chi Mastery - All martial artist teammates start with 1 bar of bar Staff Infection X-Ray Attack Extreme
Bojutsu Kung Jin 300 Souls Defensive Stance - Kung Jin gains power when blocking special attacks Bow Swing Attack High
Ninjutsu Scorpion 250 Souls Deadly arts - All martial artist teammates get +30% attacks From Hell X-Ray Attack Extreme
Cryomancer Sub-Zero 275 Souls Discipline - All Martial artist teammates get +30% health Deep Freeze X-Ray Attack Extreme
Hat Trick Kung Lao 310 souls Dim Mak - All martial artist teammates dea +75% critical damage. Kung lao has a +25% critical chance Head Trauma X-Ray Attack Extreme
Grandmaster Sub-Zero 330 Souls Ice Decoy - Sub-Zero replaces himself with a decoy, evading a fatal blow Klone Toss Attack High
Stunt Double Johnny Cage 200 souls Stunt Double - Attacks on tag-in, stunning the opponent Kasting Kall X-Ray Attack Extreme
A-List Johnny Cage 270 Souls Physical Training - Spec ops teammates get +30% health Flipkick Attack High
Demolition Sonya Blade 250 Souls Assault Weapons - Spec ops teammates get +30% attack Special forces X-Ray Attack Extreme
Tactical Sonya Blade 300 Souls Combat Drone - Activates a drone with multiple attack modes: stun, homing blast, and detonation Drone Attack High
Balanced Kenshi 330 Souls Telekinesis - All Spec Ops teammates start with a bar of power Tele-Strike X-Ray Attack Extreme
Possessed Kenshi 330 Souls Demonology - Ambushes the opponent on tag-in, setting him/her on fire Demon Slice Attack High
Cutthroat Kano 99000 Koins Mercenary - Cutthroat Kano costs less than other gold characters Lacerater X-Ray Attack Extreme
Commando Kano 235 Souls Cyborg Eye - +25% critical chance. Immune to blind Kano Ball Attack Medium
Noxious Reptile 200 Souls Feral Combat - The entire team's bleed and poison damage are increased by 30% Extinction Event X-Ray Attack Extreme
Swarm Queen D'vorah 220 Souls Swarm - D'vora's swarm can inflict multiple effects on the opponent. Grants immunity to poison Vortex Swarm Attack Random effects
Blood God Kotal Kahn 250 Souls Totems - Summons a random totem that generates estra damage, healing, or power Sun Burn X-Ray Attack Extreme
Nimble Reptile 260 Souls Survival of the Fittest - +30% heakth to outworld teammates Basilisk Runner Personal Buff Speed Increase
Spectral Ermac 275 Souls Soul fusion - WHen a teammate is defeated, Ermac gains 50% of their attack and toughness. This is only available once per match. We Are Many X-Ray Attack Extreme
Venomous D'vorah 280 Souls Neurotoxin - D'vorah's basic attacks do +100% damage per negative effect on the opponent Poison Ovipositor Push Attack Medium
Mournful Kitana 300 Souls Outworld Rebellion - All outworld teammates start with 1 bar of power Slice and Dice X-Ray Attack Extreme
Sun God Kotal Kahn 310 Souls Bloodthirsty - +30% attack for Outworld teammates Sun God Choke Grapple High
Master of Souls Ermac 325 Souls Soul Legion - All outworld teammates start with 1 bar of power Soul Blast Attack High