Picture Name Kost Skill Special Type Damage
Scorpion 40000 Koins Deadly arts - All martial artist teammates get +15% attack Flameport Attack Very high
Sub-Zero 35000 Koins Discipline - All martial artist teammates get +15% health Frost Bomb Attack Very high
Kung Jin 40000 Koins Precision - +30% critical chance for all martial artist teammates Cartwheel Drop Attack Very high
Sonya Blade 35000 Koins Assault Weapons - All Spec ops teammates get +15% attack Alert Force Attack Very high
Jacqui Briggs 35000 Koins Shotgun Glove - Jacqui's basic finishing blow does +100% damage and stuns Ground Smash Attack Very high
Johnny Kage 40000 Koins Physical Training - All spec ops teammates get +15% health Forceballs Attack Very high
Jax Briggs 75000 Koins Just a Flesh Wound - +15% toughness for spec ops teammates Major Pain Attack Very high
Cassie Cage 50000 Koins Child Prodigy - +50% health if teamed with Johnny Cage, +50% attack if teamed with Sonya Fancy Footwork Attack Very high
Reptile 35000 Koins Survival of the fittest - All outworl teammates get +15% health Klaw Pounce Attack Very high
Kenshi 75000 Koins Dual Nature - +40% attack when teamed with martial artists, +40% health when teamed with spec ops Spinning blade Attack Very high
Kano 40000 Koins Killer Instinct - +3-% attack if the opponent has 40% or less health Ball Kick Attack Very High
D'Vorah 45000 Koins Exoskeleton - Spikes damage opponents who use basic attacks. Immune to poison and bleed attacks The Scourge Attack Very High
Ermac 75000 Koins Soul Fusion - When a teammate is defeated, Ermac gains 40% of their attack and toughness. Only activated one per match Ground Slam Attack Very High
Kotal Kahn 50000 Koins Bloodthirsty - +15% attack for outworld teammates God Ray Attack Very High